Lombard Elementary District 44

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Curriculum & Instruction

Student Wellness & Growth

Lombard District 44 is guided by a 5-year strategic plan.  One of the four goals included in the strategic plan is Student Wellness & Growth.  The following is a summary of information included in those respective goal areas.  Please visit www.sd44.org to review the full 5-year plan.

Our desired outcome is for students to be emotionally secure, academically prepared thought-leaders who are invested, engaged, and connected to their learning experience. 

In Lombard District 44, we seek to foster creativity, encourage innovation and promote individual excellence. Our students must be leaders, not just learners, and that is accomplished by providing opportunities for choice and voice in their school experience. We must involve students in our decision-making as a district as well as actively seek their opinions and feedback.

Equally, it is critical that we reach the head and heart of every child, giving them tools to navigate the world around them as well as the academic skills that will serve as a strong foundation for their ongoing learning. We want our students to be physically and emotionally healthy individuals who have great awareness of their strengths and a keen understanding of how to overcome various challenges.

Through initiatives such as whole school social-emotional lessons, increased Tier 1 social-emotional opportunities and greater utilization of Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS), our students will be able to develop emotional security and a true sense of empathy. 

In addition, we must offer additional activities rooted in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math to give our students opportunities to problem-solve and build upon their unique wonderings. Our students must also be technologically savvy, understanding the ever-evolving world of technology and how to be responsible users.

Finally, we also must explore various curriculum adoptions to ensure consistency and equity in their implementation across the district. This must occur in tandem with proper and strategic support to our teachers.