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E-Learning Program

What is E-Learning?
According to Section 10-20.56 of the School Code, school districts may adopt a resolution, utilizing "e-learning days" in lieu of emergency days. With this, Lombard's Board of Education adopted a resolution based on a E-Learning program presentation by administration that shared the criteria development to determine whether or not to have an E-Learning day vs. canceling school. This board resolution can be viewed by clicking here, as well as the presentation given on  E-learning VS Snow Day Call.
In the event an E-Learning Day is called:
  • E-Learning Day communication will follow the standard communication protocols that Lombard uses for emergency day notifications (email, social media posts, District and individual school website banners/messages, & automated phone calls and text).
  • Staff will be available during contractual hours to answer emails.
  • All students will be expected to check-in via Google Meets at the start of the day. Asynchronous lessons will be posted in Google Classroom (middle school). Elementary students will complete assignments in the provided "snow day" folders.
  • For any student who misses learning experiences due to technological issues, upon their return to school, the students will make arrangements with their classroom teacher.
  • Transportation will not be provided to students placed out of district.
E-Learning Schedule
Glenn Westlake Middle School, Grades 6-8
Elementary Schools , Grades K-5
Early Childhood Center, Pre-K