Lombard Elementary District 44

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Board Information & Members



Lombard District 44 is governed by a seven-person board of community volunteers who are elected by voters within Lombard District 44 boundaries. The following individuals serve on the Lombard District 44 Board of Education:
  • Courtney Simek (President)
  • Tony del Alcazar (Vice President)
  • Stephen Flint
  • Gayln Piper
  • James Robinette
  • Sarah Novey
  • Cary Weisgram
If you are interested in learning more about serving on the Board of Education, please click here to connect with the Illinois Association of School Boards election page. 



All Illinois school board members must receive training in Professional Development Leadership (P.A. 97-8) and the Open Meetings Act (P.A. 97-504). Mandatory training will also be required after new teacher evaluation requirements are implanted by the school district. For additional information, see Board policy 2:120 Board Member Development.
The following table contains mandatory and non–mandatory training and development activities that were completed by our district board members. When the training was provided by the Illinois Association of School Boards, the acronym “IASB” follows the listed activity. This list will be updated as board members complete and submit their training activities to the board secretary. Click HERE to see a chart that outlines the state’s mandatory training requirements, who must receive it, and the timeline for completing those courses.

Note: Individual board members may elect to attend additional professional development opportunities that are not required.