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Special Services » Home Hospital Tutoring

Home Hospital Tutoring

Homebound or hospital instruction is available to those students who qualify, see attached IL Admin Code
226.300. In summary, a medical doctor must provide written verification that the student has a medical
condition that will cause an absence either two or more consecutive weeks of school or ongoing
intermittent absences. The information provided should include the child’s medical condition, the impact on
the child’s ability to participate in education and the anticipated duration or nature of the child’s absence
from school.

The amount of instructional or related service time provided is determined in relation to each child's
educational, physical, and mental health needs. The purpose of the homebound or hospital instructional
program is to provide the qualified child with enough instruction to allow him or her to return to school with
a minimum of difficulty. In cases where a child requires home or hospital service for an extended period of
time, the program is designed to provide the instructional services, which are sufficient to appropriately
advance the student's basic educational development. Homebound Tutors are approved for up to 5 hours
per week; one hour per school day missed.

For more information, contact the Special Services Office at 630.827.4431.