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Elementary Math Curriculum
Lombard District 44 adopted a new math curriculum to teach the Common Core Math standards during the 2015/2016 school year. Eureka Math is the name of our new curriculum.  The writers of Eureka Math had created the curriculum with two names:  Engage New York and Eureka Math with the "Race to the Top" federal funds.  This curriculum is free to use as Great Minds is a non-profit company. As you review the links to our math curriculum, you will see Great Minds in the website address:     https://greatminds.org/math
Eureka Math is rated as a top curriculum for elementary students by Ed Reports:
There are many great resources available for parents to help with the new common core math standards and strategies:
Eureka Math Homework Helpers - Check out the PDF file at the bottom right corner for directions on how to access this great resource!
Zearn - A Digital Version of Eureka Math made by Zearn (check out the link called "boring stuff for grown-ups)
We also have 4 options in classrooms for digital math tools that provide differentiation for our math students:
TenMarks - Very helpful in preparing students for the rigor of the PARCC state assessment
Khan Academy -  GWMS and Pleasant Lane were honored last year for their acheivement and effort with the Learning Storm challenge!  Check out the new connections to Eureka Math.
Moby Max - Very engaging and fun for students!  Many of our classrooms use this tool for fact fluency and differentiation.
FrontRow - Works great on an iPad with the best math tools!  Primary students enjoy FrontRow.
Check with your classroom teacher to see which tool is being used at that grade level.
Greg Tang Parent Nights, Games & Learning Tools
Greg Tang has awesome tools to help students learn to be successful mathematicians and great "math thinkers".  Check out his links to online games, physical math games, math books and great gift ideas for student learning.
Greg Tang conducted our Parent Math Night in October while Greg Tang Jr. led our K - 5 students in math games.  Check out some pictures in the bottom right corner.  Greg Tang will be back to work with our middle school math teachers in May!
Middle School Math Curriculum
Lombard District 44 adopted the Big Ideas Math Curriculum in the Spring of 2013.  We have three pathways for math at Glenn Westlake Middle School.  Please check out the PDF file located in the bottom right corner for the Pathway Chart that illustrates our math pathways from our middle school to the Glenbard High Schools.  Please connect with your GWMS math teacher for any questions regarding the curriculum used in each pathway, the calendar and homework charts, and the resources for their math curriculum. Just like in the elementary grades, our students at GWMS use digital tools to provide differentiation in their math classroom.  Check with your teacher to see which tool they are using for that math class and for the login information for Big Ideas.
Here is the link to the Big Ideas curriculum:
In addition to our pathways for math, we also have a variety of curriculum tools used to help students in Tier 2 and Tier 3.  We have two math lab courses at the middle school which support learners that either need assistance with the core curriculum in a pre-teach and re-teach model.  Our other math lab focuses on remediating math skills at various levels to help close the learning gap. Math Lab courses are taken in addition to the Core Math Curriculum.
We have two wonderful curriculum tools called Math 180 and TransMath/VMath Live.  Here are the links to those programs used with RtI courses:
Helpful Resources for Common Core: