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Communications & Strategic Planning » Connect 44 – Meeting Highlights

Connect 44 – Meeting Highlights

This page will be frequently updated throughout the Connect 44 Process. Please check back frequently for communication to directly follow each meeting date. You may also subscribe to our District 44 Newsletter to receive this information direct to your inbox. If you would like to be added to our mailing list, please e-mail communications@sd44.org



Meeting 1 Highlights

The following includes a high-level summary of the first meeting of the Connect 44 Team. 


  • Understanding the Team & the Process
    Members of Connect 44 took time to get to know each other and more about what stakeholder group they represent in this process. They also heard from Director of Communications & Strategic Planning Jenn Nimke and Board President Courtney Long, both of whom will be facilitating . The team is made-up of 44 people who represent all stakeholders in the D44 community. The Connect 44 Team list can be found on the sd44.org website under the department of “Communications & Strategic Planning.”
  • Picture of an Ideal Graduate
    Our first activity was to determine who our ideal D44 graduate would be. The team was asked to consider what experiences, achievements, accolades and skill sets a child would have needed to be exposed to our attained in order for us to feel confident that they are prepared for success once leaving our district. This image of the ideal graduate is something we will refer to throughout the strategic planning process to drive our thinking and keep us rooted in mapping out a future genuinely rooted in meeting our students’ needs.

  • Current State of the District
    We heard from Superintendent Ted Stec about the current state of the district. Our student make-up is changing, both in terms of need as well as population growth. This is something we must be mindful of when thinking of our future.

  • Determining Needs and Priorities of the Community
    We reviewed all the survey data from the parent, community and staff surveys that recently went out. We also reviewed data from the Opening Day round-table discussions to better understand what our staff feel the strengths of the district are. Following that, we engaged in an environmental scan where we determined our strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats.

  • Deciding Who Our Stakeholders Are
    We began to populate the first part of our plan, which was deciding who our stakeholders are and how we would describe their role in our success five years from now.



Meeting 2 Highlights

The following includes a high-level summary of the second meeting of the Connect 44 Team. 
  • New Mission & Vision
    The team focused on answering key questions tied to the district's roots (its mission) and future direction (its vision). These answers will be developed into the new statements that will exist within the final strategic plan.
  • Working Through Change
    The team engaged in several critical conversations tied to the change the district has recently experienced as well as the change that will occur as the school community begins to move forward in achievement of this new vision for Lombard schools. Superintendent Ted Stec spoke to the team about the importance of recognizing what has occurred while also outlining the necessary next steps in order to move forward in a collaborative and supportive way.
  • Plan Begins to Take Shape
    We also came to agreement on several items that will serve as the starting framework to the new plan, most notably determining four priority goal areas and outlining strategic objectives directly tied to these goal areas. We we reconvene next month, we will work on mapping out strategies as well as measurements tied to the four goal areas. These goal areas include the following:

1. Student Wellness & Growth

2. Family & Community Engagement

3. Professional Growth & Commitment

4. Financial Stewardship & Facilities 



Meeting 3 Highlights

The following includes a high-level summary of the second meeting of the Connect 44 Team. 

  • Building a New Mission and Vision
    The team reviewed several mission and vision statements that were developed based off its work at the October meeting. The team was able to narrow down their top choices while also offering additional suggestions to improve upon the statements. A critical discussion also took place regarding the importance of the mission and vision not being words but truly about our behavior, culture and connection to the district.
  • Student Feedback & Input
    The team reviewed several pieces of student feedback and used this to further their work. One piece of feedback was a Needs & Nurture List, which was developed following several focus group sessions Superintendent Ted Stec and Director of Communications & Strategic Planning Jenn Nimke held with students in Grades 3-8. When speaking with the students, it became evident that many of them shared some of the same needs as well as an equal desire to be nurtured while at school. The team also had an opportunity to hear from Glenbard East Principal Shahe Bagdasarian regarding common needs District 44 students have when entering the high school. He also shared more information about Glenbard District 87's strategic planning process, which they have just begun. So far, their focus is very similar to the work of the Connect 44 Team.
  • Development of Strategic Objectives
    The team continued its work around strategic objectives, with a specific focus on developing objectives that can exist in each of the four goal areas in the plan. By doing so, it will allow the organization to move together as a cohesive unit because we will be focused on the same outcomes and needs.
  • Assigning Projects to Goals
    Members reviewed a Strategic Inventory List, which included all current or upcoming projects or initiatives the district is exploring or anticipating working on as a district. Each goal area team was then charged with determining which of these are natural strategies in achievement of their goals.


Meeting 4 Highlights

Stay tuned!


Meeting 5 Highlights

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