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District 44 Outlines Transition Plan, Committed to Moving Forward

District 44 Outlines Transition Plan, Committed to Moving Forward


At the June 13 meeting, members of the Board of Education discussed an overall transition plan for Lombard District 44 that will result in new leadership and significant cost savings. 

 “The overall goal of the plan is to ensure a seamless transition that allows the district to continue moving forward in a direction that is rooted in what is best for students while maintaining fiscal responsibility,” said Board of Education President Courtney Long.

 Most notably, the Board approved two significant personnel changes: Assistant Superintendent for Finance and Operations Ted Stec being named Chief Executive Officer and the hiring of Dr. Patricia Wernet. Both of these hires are effective immediately. As Chief Executive Officer, Stec will assume many of the responsibilities of superintendent and eventually transition into the role. Dr. Wernet, who previously served as interim superintendent in District 44, will provide assistance and guidance.

 “Stec has clearly demonstrated the ability to lead our district, and we feel confident this plan will allow him to diligently, strategically and successfully support the needs of District 44,” said Long. “With that said, within the first year of any superintendency, there is a learning curve in terms of adjusting to the priorities of the role and district. By bringing Dr. Wernet on board, there will be better opportunity to meet the needs of our schools to the level in which our community expects and deserves. We are confident Ted will officially assume the role prior to the end of the upcoming school year.”

 In addition to these changes, the Board also concluded that it will not be filling the vacancies in Human Resources or Technology and, instead, shifting the responsibilities of these roles to other positions. The reduction of these positions along with a decrease in construction costs for the Early Childhood Center will result in nearly $1 million in long-term cost savings for the district.

 “As we have previously mentioned, this is not a year of status quo; it is about moving forward. This transition plan allows us to do more with less. We will be better positioned to meet the needs of our students without creating an additional financial burden,” said Long.